Welcome to KMC Finance

KMC Finance is a Luxembourg insurance brokerage company founded in 2007 and consolidating its position as a leader in the sector. The company is wholly owned by its founders, ensuring independence in supporting the client, as well as with regards to the relevance of the advice given.

Our company is filled with experts in life insurance, private banking and taxation with many years of experience in these fields.

Our mission is to provide you with the best possible support in the life insurance industry, in order to suit your specific needs and the choices you have made.

In order to do so, our expertise and know-how remains at your disposal to draw out with you an authentic tailor-made solution.

Considering the increasingly legal, regulatory and economic environment we live in, special attention is required to ensure your protection and that of your loved ones, and secure your business.

Our partnerships with the most prestigious players in life insurance, coupled with the needs of our demanding customers, allow us to offer you the best strategies for protecting your wealth.

We ensure commitment, expertise and personalized monitoring of the case, generating constant added value throughout the relationship with the client.

  • 103 Financial partners
  • 1 Billion asset under management
  • 36 Countries covered